Our account application is a 2-step process which requires proof of trade before activation, initially you need to create an log in once you have created this, you should receive an email requesting further information. However if you do not receive this, this can be sent to us by filling in the form on the below link: 


 We work very closely with our brands ensuring the customers we are trading with are trade only, we do regular checks to keep the marketplace competitive and to protect our customers.

 Proof of trade can be provided on a utility bill, business bank statement,  company registration form or an invoice from a current supplier – this must include your business name and registered address.

 You must have a live website which we are able to access and are able to view products you currently sell.

 If you are only selling on a marketplace ie eBay or Amazon we do require your user ID so we can view your store.

 If you are not yet live on any platforms, we advise you start trading and establish your business before we open the account.

 Any accounts that are inactive with no sales for 60 days will automatically be closed, the process to reactivate the account will require further evidence and will endure an initial order for reactivation.

 If we do not receive the proof of trade form within 21 days, we will remove your details from the database.

 Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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